Products and services

  • Fixed income management

    Risk can't be eliminated, but it can be smartly managed

    EFG Capital Advisors' fixed income philosophy is designed around municipal, government, agency, and corporate bond portfolios, incorporating individual bonds and/or externally managed bond funds. After detailed assessments, portfolio duration is actively managed, reflecting objective and decisive evaluation of high-grade taxable and tax-exempt fixed income securities. We also offer complementary exposure to various sectors in the global fixed income markets allowing us to achieve greater diversification.

    Our objective is to generate total return exceeding market benchmarks by investing in a portfolio focused on either one fixed income strategy or a blending of various fixed income strategies that include the following:

    • Cash management.
    • Brokered CDs.
    • Municipal bonds.
    • Corporate bonds.
    • Government bonds (including Treasury bills).
    • International bonds.
    • Emerging market bonds.
    • Hybrid securities (preferred/convertible bonds).
    • Indexed bond funds.
    • Actively managed bond funds.
  • Equity management

    The art of investing

    EFG Capital Advisors clients benefit from personalized reporting, full access to a wide range of external investment products, and individualized solutions developed in-house by our own investment team to help them meet their most sophisticated investment goals.

    We help clients manage their assets in difficult as well as favorable market conditions through adherence to established investment guidelines developed with each client. The refined composition of EFGCA's equity approach includes U.S., international and emerging market large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap equities in value, core, and growth styles. We offer clients exposure to both actively managed and index-based strategies.

    Regarding tax considerations, we employ sophisticated strategies to help our clients minimize the taxes on their portfolios. For example, we often engage the use of exchange traded funds to minimize the capital gains consequences that arise with typical mutual funds.

    In customizing approaches for our clients, we jointly establish investment guidelines that focus on just a few asset classes or engage in a complete variety of asset classes. We believe that by incorporating a variety of asset classes we can reduce risk in portfolios. We also understand that sometimes assets managed by EFGCA may represent only a portion of a client's larger portfolio and that we may be engaged to focus on one or two asset classes.

    As a means to pursue our goals of improving the risk and reward characteristics of our clients' portfolios, we provide institutional-quality management through vehicles and sectors such as:

    • Actively managed mutual funds.
    • Index based mutual funds.
    • Exchange traded funds.
    • US Large Cap.
    • US Mid Cap.
    • US Small Cap.
    • International Funds.
    • Emerging Market Funds.
    • Single Country or Regional International Funds.
  • Alternative investment

    Sophisticated strategies. Personal touch

    EFG Capital Advisors recognizes that each client's needs are specific to them and their circumstances. That's why we take an individualized approach to helping each client define their unique investment objectives, then carefully craft investment plans to help them achieve those goals.

    As we construct portfolios, seeking to lower correlation to traditional markets for our clients and to stay in stride with current market growth, EFGCA advises eligible clients on the use of alternative strategies. These strategies may incorporate hedge funds, private equity arrangements, commodities and/or real estate investments into the asset allocation. We have over 20 years of experience in these investment genres and can include them in both taxable portfolios and tax-exempt ones, such as retirement accounts.

    Alternative investments can provide essential diversification of select portfolios, by aiming to decrease the risk associated with traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds.

    Our powerful global network gives us access to a full spectrum of specialized firms and best of breed service providers well versed in the alternative space.

    These strategies include:

    • Funds of Hedge Funds.
    • Single Strategy Hedge Funds.
    • Private Equity Funds.
    • Real Estate Funds.
    • Commodities.
  • Family office services

    Maintaining wealth, growing relationships

    At EFG Capital Advisors, we recognize that our family office clients want and need the peace of mind that comes from a dedicated, responsive advisor.

    The core of EFG Capital Advisor's commitment to our clients is our attention to coordinating with their other professional advisors, including legal counsel, accountants, insurance professionals or other trusted confidantes. From the minimization of taxes to the effective implementation of estate plans, our clients look to EFGCA to communicate with the team that surrounds and advises each of them and rely on us to provide them with a cost effective alternative to hiring bookkeepers and other staff.

    A range of family office services complements our full service approach. These services include the following:

    • Bill payment and other personal accounting services.
    • Simplifying our clients' banking activities by helping them obtain credit cards and arranging monthly payments via our unique relationships with various issuing banks.
    • Real estate consulting that includes making mortgage payments, and reviewing and preparing needed documentation.
    • Solutions for our clients' lending needs.
    • Collaboration with preferred insurance providers to find the best insurance solutions for our clients, including health, life, auto, yacht, and homeowner's insurance.
    • Concierge services, including assistance with travel and entertainment arrangements around the world.
    • Engagement of care management professionals to assist with health and disability issues of our clients and their loved ones.
    • Consolidated reporting of investment accounts housed with multiple custodians.
    • Help with the maintenance of client financial records. This can involve assistance with the preparation of various tax returns and other tax and accounting matters.
    • Client statements further individualized to be read in Spanish or English, and/or translated from euros to dollars.